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Multiple DVD Cases

We've been supplying many models of multiple DVD cases for holding series of TV play DVDs, videos and games, etc. with capacity from 3-disc through to 12-disc.
These multiple DVD cases come in three major styles: (1) with at least one inserted trays; (2) with overlapping mechanism of discs and (3) the combination of the two.
Multiple DVD case is covered with a clear film outside to easily slip in paper labels.

14mm Overlap Triple DVD Case
14mm Triple DVD Case with round tray
Quintuple DVD Case
20mm Sextuple DVD Case
14mm Overlap Quadruple DVD case
14mm Quadruple DVD Cases
22mm Sextuple DVD Case w/ Two Trays
22mm Septuple DVD Case
22mm Septuple DVD Case (7-disc)
28mm 8-way dvd case
33mm 10-cd Multiple DVD case
39mm Twelvefold Multiple DVD Case

Other Cases

Color Multiple DVD Cases
Color Multiple DVD
14mm Clear Single DVD case
Clear DVD cases
Clear Blu-ray DVD case
Blu-ray DVD Cases

If you need anything other than the existing items, we'd build new molds for you specially in case the quantity is large enough or you'll pay the molding cost, and any OEM/ODM case is welcome for discussion!